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5 - 0n-Demand EWOT Masks

SKU: 039
  • The EWOT Mask (..don’t use a ‘headset’ or nasal cannula or the EWOT won’t work!)

    A necessity for EWOT is for the person to be using the proper oxygen mask designed specifically for EWOT. This mask has a system of valves and also a 'reservoir' bag to ensure that all of the oxygen produced by the oxygen concentrator is available to you. There are lots of companies selling what they call an “EWOT Mask”. However they are all standard ‘non rebreather’ masks that you would find in the hospital. They are built for people breathing small low flow amounts of oxygen while sitting or lying down in a hospital bed. When you are exercising, you’ll need high flow rates of Oxygen, therefore you need our OnDemand EWOT Mask.

    Also, you’ll see companies selling a standard nasal cannula or “nose hose” or an Aviator style ‘head set’ to administer the oxygen. Unfortunately both of these devices will simply ensure that you only receive 1/2 of the oxygen produced by the oxygen concentrator. Think about this:  when you are exercising you are breathing out 1/2 of the time and in ½ of the time. Well, when you breathe out, the oxygen produced by the oxygen concentrator will be lost into the room…there is nowhere for it to be saved for you. If the concentrator is providing 8 LPM, then you are only receiving 4 LPM which is below the standards necessary for EWOT.

    Our Special OnDemand EWOT Mask ensures that all of the oxygen produced while you are exhaling is saved in the reservoir, ready for your next inhale. The HiFLO2 EWOT Mask truly is the only answer to ensure you obtain the benefits of EWOT.

    Please call for quotes on larger quantities.

    Do you ever get a dry throat when doing EWOT? If so, humidy your oxygen with our oxygen humidifier bottle. Link here;




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