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Optimize UVB Instruments

The Optimize UV Instruments are uniquely capable of ensuring that each and every UV Protocol is performed under Optimal and Replicable conditions. Ironically our Optimize I and II are the only UV Devices (worldwide) that can provide this guarantee.  

In addition, The Optimize UV Systems are manufactured in a German medical device factory, and therefore fully inspected on an ongoing basis by German medical officials and truly Quality and Safety Approved to the very strict German CE Standards.


Unlike the Chinese version, this CE Approval is your proof that the Optimize I and II are extremely high quality product, manufactured under extremely strict quality controls in Germany.

Is Every UV Session the same?


The one commonly noted flaw in using any other UV systems has always been the fact that each session is not precise, and repeatability of the exact UV irradiation exposure from session to session was impossible. This is due to the fact that UV Lamps decrease in strength every time you use them. If the UV lamp decreases in strength every time you use it, what would be the optimal exposure time? This ‘optimal exposure time’ would change for every treatment, due to the fact that the UV Lamp strength is weaker for every treatment.


UV Systems typically do not have an Ultraviolet Sensor in them…so how can you possibly know what the exact exposure time should be?


Optimize 1 UVB Device
UVB Cuvette

This has been the problem with UV sessions since UV sessions began in the early 1900’s.


The Answer: The UV Sensor


The Optimize I and II answer this question, as they are the only UV Instruments with an on board UV sensor which provides these two important functions:

 (i) Constantly measures the strength of the UV lamp and provides you on a digital display with the exact rate at which to pull the fluid through the UV Irradiation field. This ensures that every time you perform this procedure is exactly the same as the last, and all procedures are optimally effective.

(ii) Ensures that the UV lamps are strong enough to use (and will tell you if they need to be replaced). This is just as important as item one, because a UV Lamp that has decreased in strength below the threshold that would provide any value, will still light up and ‘glow’. So, professionals who use the UV Lamps until they actually ‘burn out’ are using these UV Lamps far beyond the point where they are providing any benefit. To solve this problem, the Optimize UVB Instrument will test the strength of the UV Lamp every time you turn on the system. If the test shows that the UV Lamp strength has decreased below the effective level, the system will shut down and show you a message on the digital display that the lamp needs to be replaced.  



Sterility of the process is ensured by using a sterile cuvette inside the UV machine. Optimize Products Inc. cuvettes are extremely high quality, and due to the large volume orders we receive, we can offer you the lowest prices in North America for these disposable cuvettes. Our cuvettes are made of the high quality 214 Quartz Glass that the UV experts demand, as it is only this high quality quartz glass that allows optimal transmission of the UV Irradiation (Pyrex glass for example is cheaper, but it blocks UV irradiation).


Optimize 1 UVB Instrument 

UV Sensor and Exposure Guide to ensure Optimal Exposure to the UV Irradiation field and Replicable results. Manual On / Off so the operator can expose any volume of fluid to the UV Irradiation Field.

Price - $3995USD plus shipping

Optimize 2 UVB Instrument

UV Sensor and Exposure Guide to ensure Optimal Exposure to the UV Irradiation field and Replicable results. Automatically shuts off after 50 cc has been exposed to the UV Irradiation.

Price - $3995USD plus shipping


Ultraviolet Cuvettes

8" Cuvettes - Qty - 50 - $675.00 - $13.50 per cuvette

12" Cuvettes - Qty - 40 - $750.00 - $18.75 per cuvette

UVB Instruments and Cuvettes can be ordered on our online store or by calling us to place the order.


Please Note: Optimize UVB Instruments and Cuvettes are not available in Canada.

Disclaimer: In order to abide by the guidelines of Health Canada, the Competition Bureau of Canada, the FDA, and the Federal Trade Commission of the USA, Optimize Products clarifies that the products displayed on this website are not approved medical devices. Nor does Optimize Products attribute nor specify any health benefits associated with the use of any of these products. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor Health Canada.

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