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4000ml Glass Flask With Silicone Top & Tubing

SKU: 142
  • North American made laboratory grade durable glass. Silicone tubing with connectors included. (See accompanying picture to see your choice of quick connect or luer connectors to make sure it matches the connectors of your current system).

    4000ml Glass Flask With Silicone Cork Topper, Silicone Tubing and a Fine Frit to Permeate the Water with Ozone in the Most Efficiect Way.

    Excellent Choice For When You Just Need to Make A Lot of Ozonated Water!

    Remember to purchase an Ozone Destruct is to eliminate off-gassing of ozone when making ozonated water. Make sure to include on in your order. We have two destructs with links below:

    Pro Ozone Destruct:

    Stainless Steel Deluxe Ozone Destruct:

    Do you use a glass trap to guard against back flow into your generator if you forget to disconnect your tubing from your flask after use? If not our 50ml Glass Trap is a line of defense to trap water before it gets to the ozone generator. A trap is not a guarantee against a very large back flow but it will stop most back flows. 50ml Glass Trap link here:

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