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30ml Ozonated Olive Oil Stick

SKU: 022
  • *Not available in Canada.

    Rather than a jar, this product comes as a stick.

    Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil infused with Ozone.

    OUR “Ultra Optimized Ozonated Olive Oil” has the reputation in the industry of having the highest ozone content available. If you want results use Ultra Optimized!

    At room temperature (72F or 22 C), when most ozonated oils are a liquid, Our Ultra Optimized Ozonated Olive Oil has A rich full bodied “thick” texture much like “Vaseline”. Since the only way it can maintain this thick texture is if it is fully loaded with ozone, this is your proof of a maximally ozonated Olive Oil Product…the highest level of ozonation in the worldwide industry today.


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