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Optimize 2 UVB Instrument

SKU: 100
  • *Not available in Canada.

    The Optimize II is programmed to be used with just 50 cc of fluid, pulled through the UV Irradiation field with a 60 cc syringe and then pushed back through the UV Irradiation field. Therefore the display on the front of the Optimize II provides you with a sequential digital readout, or a ‘count up’ of the numbers 1 through 50. This provides you with the exact rate of speed to draw the fluid through the UV Irradiation field, to ensure that the Optimal amount of UV Irradiation is provided to the sample. Each number on the display indicates the volume of fluid you should have in your syringe. Once the system reaches “50” it then begins to count backwards back down to 1, and as you follow those numbers in sequence you will be returning the fluid (through the UV Irradiation field) at exactly the appropriate rate to ensure Optimal exposure of the fluid to the UV Irradiation field. The system then automatically turns off.

    2 year warranty.



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