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EWOT Reservoir Bag Upgrade Kit For Longevity Steam Saunas (No O2 Concentrator)

SKU: 1201
$750.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
  • Turn your Longevity Steam Sauna into a Super EWOT Steam Sauna.

    EWOT is an abbreviation for "exercise with oxygen therapy" so why would someone sitting in a steam sauna be able to get the benefits of EWOT? The reason why exercise is needed is to get your heart rate up to a moderate training zone. When you are sitting in the sauna your body is working overtime to help cool you off, so your heart must work harder causing your heart rate to increase to a perfect moderate training zone.

    We are all busy in today's society and the ability to do more than one healthy application at the same time is definitely a benefit!

    See our EWOT page for more information on EWOT:

    This system does not include an oxygen concentrator.  It is perfect for those who already have the longevity Super EWOT Sauna to give you the most amount of oxygen in shortest period of time. It is also a perfect system if you have an oxygen concentrator but do not have the equipment to do EWOT in the Sauna.

    System Includes:

    1000 Liter Reservoir Bag

    Reservoir Bag Stand

    Specialized Tubing & Fittings Package

    2 - O2 Max EWOT Masks

    1 - Mask Pump

    Timer to safeguard against overfilling your reservoir bag.

    1 year warranty.

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