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40 - 14" Cuvettes

SKU: 029
  • 14” “Long” CuvettesFor use with  Instruments. 

    For use with the GHL 3000, AZURA, GORRILLA, OR THE GHL 1500, GHL 2000, OR THE CHIMP.

    Lowest prices in North America

    Thank you for your email and for your interest in our UV Cuvettes. As you know, sterility of the UV Irradiation procedure is ensured by using a sterile cuvette inside the UV Instrument. Optimize cuvettes are extremely high quality. While some manufacturers of cuvettes try to save money by having them made from Pyrex glass (which unfortunately blocks UV light),  Optimize cuvettes are made of the finest 214 Quartz Glass to ensure maximum transmission of the UV Irradiation to your sample.

    Our cuvettes are manufactured for us in a certified German factory that has been manufacturing cuvettes and medical products for many, many years. This factory is inspected several times per year to ensure it always abides by the medical product manufacturing practices and standards of Germany, one of the strictest countries in the entire EU.






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