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20 Liter Gold Dual - Reservoir/On-Demand EWOT System

SKU: 442
  • Highest Quality North American Made System on the market.

    20 Liter Gold Dual - Reservoir/On-Demand EWOT System 

    Double your power with 2 - 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrators either fill up your reservoir bag twice as fast, or use with the on-Demand System and Deliver 20 liters of pure oxygen to your mask. Or, if you want to exercise with a Buddy you can use the 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrators on their own.

    System Includes the Following:

    2 X 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrators 

    Splitter That Joins Oxygen Concentrators Together.

    1000 Liter Reservoir Bag

    Reservoir Bag Stand

    Specialized Tubing & Fittings Package

    2 x O2 Max EWOT Masks

    Mask Pump

    2 x Oxygen Humidifier Bottles

    2 x 10 Feet of Oxygen Tubing

    5 Nasal Cannulas with adapter

    2 x Specialized On-Demand EWOT Masks

    Timer to safeguard against overfilling your reservoir bag.

    EWOT Packages do not include the exercise equipment as shown in this picture. It is only for illustration purposes.

    North American made!

    Concentrates Oxygen from room air and provides 90 – 95% pure oxygen!

    Available flow rates are from 1 – 10 Liters Per Minute!

    This oxygen concentrator does not require a prescription.

    2 year warranty.

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